Turn shopping into a team sport with the Loyal~n~Save loyalty program!

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Reward tokens Leaderboard

Check you and your friend's status on the

Reward Tokens Leaderboard

See where you stand on the virtual leaderboard right inside the Loyal~n~Save app. Start competitions with friends and family to see who can earn the most reward tokens and move up the furthest on the leaderboard. Not only is shopping a team sport now, but it's also a competition!

  • Where Do You Rank?

    Check the reward tokens leaderboard in the app to see where you rank in reward tokens compared to your friends and the thousands of other users who use Loyal~n~Save.

  • Where Do Your Friends Rank?

    See where your best friend or mother-in-law rank on the leaderboard. Do they have more reward tokens than you? Time to step up your shopping game!

Link your social media to share how fun it is to

Earn Rewards with Loyal~n~Save

Earn Rewards with Loyal~n~Save

Earn Rewards with Loyal~n~Save

Share your point status and Swag Shop wish list with family and friends on your social media accounts. Share your QR code on social media to add more people to your team and friends list! You can even message friends right inside the Loyal~n~Save app!

  • Share on Social Media

    Show people what they are missing out on by sharing your progress and how much money you have earned just by joining Loyal~n~Save on social media!

  • Socialize Inside the App

    Add friends, team members, and even send private messages in the app. Start a group conversation to plan out a shopping spree or discuss the rules of a new competition!