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Earn reward tokens at your favorite stores every time you shop and redeem them for discounts, coupons, and exclusive swag items! The best part is, Loyal-n-Save combines specials and deals from all of your added stores into one convenient place. It’s like having a custom loyalty program right in the palm of your hand!

Download the Loyal-n-Save app or open the Loyal-n-Save website.

Choose the deals you want to participate in.

Search and add the stores you love to your account.

Shop to save and earn reward tokens towards exclusive rewards!

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With Team Rewards

You can even earn reward tokens without leaving the house! How? For each friend or family member you sign up, you’ll earn a percentage of the reward tokens they earn.

As if that wasn’t enough earning, when people on your team sign up their friends, you’ll also get a percentage of their reward tokens!

There are no limits to how many people you can sign up or how many reward tokens you can earn. Shopping just became a team sport!

*Coming Soon: Redeem your tokens for a coupon to purchase a product at a discounted price or receive a free item in-store or online.

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The Swag Shop
Redeem Rewards Tokens

For Exclusive Items Only In The Swag Shop

The best customer rewards programs allow you to redeem your rewards tokens the way YOU choose! Instead of getting coupons or discounts for things you wouldn’t buy, Loyal-n-Save allows you to spend those hard-earned rewards tokens on items you actually want.

Find exclusive merch, products, and/or services offered by your favorite stores exclusively in the Loyal-n-Save Swag Shop! Browse the Swag Shop and redeem your rewards tokens in-app or on the web for rewards you can’t get anywhere else!

Add swag items to your wish list, share it with friends, and even gift that item to them! Don’t see anything you want? No problem, your rewards tokens can also be redeemed for discounts in-store or online.

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How It Works

Find Stores Mobile
Teams Reward Tokens


Download the mobile app, sign-up with your email or phone number, and join stores to start earning reward tokens. 


Invite your friends and family to be on your store team for continuous bonus reward tokens. 


Get rewarded for purchasing your favorite items and enjoy store deals that offer 2x, 5x, and even 10x the rewards. 


Exchange your reward tokens for exclusive Swag Shop items or use them as a discount for in-store and online purchases. 

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Download The Loyal-n-Save Mobile App And Get Social

Download the Loyal-n-Save app, available in the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Chat with friends, build your winning team, compete on the leaderboard, and monitor your notification feed.

You can even keep track of your reward token earnings by store, view digital receipts, redeem reward tokens for exclusive items in the Swag Shop, and so much more!

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Check out our FAQ’s! 

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How do I join Loyal-n-Save?

There are multiple ways to join! You can go to and click Sign Up/Register. You can also sign up in a participating store just by scanning your driver’s license. (Make sure you provide a valid email address or phone number so that you can change your temporary password.) Once you log on, add stores and sign up for deals to start earning and saving.

When you add a store to "My Stores,” click their storefront to view their deals that you can save and earn rewards on. Simply make a purchase based on that deal and enjoy the earnings! Each store can choose to set an expiration date on their deals, so be sure to take advantage of the savings and earnings on your favorite items.

Each store sets up its own deals and rewards. To find out what each store is offering, check out their storefront and ongoing deals. This can be anything from reward tokens to coupons or promotional items. Every 1,000 reward tokens = $1 in cash redemption value.

Coupons and deals can be set by the store to expire. However, reward tokens never expire. If your account is inactive for more than a store’s allowed time, your profile will be put on "hold” and you will stop accruing reward tokens from your teammate's purchases. Once you make a purchase with your Loyal-n-Save account, your profile will be reactivated, and your existing token balance will still be there. Please see each store’s Terms for more details.