The More You Shop
The Better The Rewards

Instead of getting reward coupons or discounts on things you wouldn't buy, the Loyal-n-Save loyalty rewards program personalizes your experience and lets you choose exactly how you want to redeem your reward tokens.

Start Getting The Rewards You Want
And Avoid The Ones You Don’t

From the Loyal-n-Save app or your online dashboard on the web, simply choose the deals you want to participate in. View your reward token balance, and once you reach the necessary amount, redeem your reward tokens for in-store or online discounts, digital coupons, and exclusive merch in the online Swag Shop. Get rewarded just for buying things you already want or need!

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Money-Saving Deals

Download the app to join your favorite stores and browse their current deals.

View which deals you want to participate in and track your earning progress on the app.

Choose to get reminders when your favorite stores post new deals and when one is about to expire.

Earn even more reward tokens by sharing deals with your friends and shopping as a team.

Wait to redeem your reward tokens and save up for something you really want because your reward tokens will never expire!

Redeem reward tokens for an in-store or online discount, convert earnings into a digital coupon, or redeem them for merch in the Swag Shop.

Choose To Participate In The Deals You Want

Get the most out of your shopping experience with Loyal-n-Save! Not only can you find exclusive deals from stores that align with your interests, but by simply choosing to participate and purchasing featured items, you have ample opportunity to build up a balance of tokens. What's even better is that these rewards are totally flexible - redeem them however it suits YOU best!

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