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Earn points at your favorite stores every time you shop and redeem them for discounts, coupons, and swag! Say goodbye to bulky wallets and save yourself from embarrassment at checkout while trying to find the right loyalty card. Wait, what store am I in again? The Loyal~n~Save card combines loyalty cards from all your favorite stores with one superior card. Forget your card at home? No problem, just pull up our Loyal~n~Save app and have the cashier scan your digital card! Loyal~n~Save combines specials and deals from all your favorite stores into one convenient place. Simply add the stores you love to your account, choose the deals you want to participate in, and shop to earn points towards exclusive rewards!

You can even earn points without even leaving the house! How? For each friend or family member you sign up, you'll earn a percentage of the points they earned. There are no limits to how many people you can sign up, or how many points you can earn. Did shopping just become a team sport?

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There's power in shopping in numbers. The more people that sign up under your team, the more bonus points you'll earn. Every time a person in your team makes a purchase, you'll get a percentage of those points. As if that wasn't enough earning, when people in your team sign up their friends, you also get a percentage of those people's points! How's that for passive income? Your points can be redeemed any way you want them to be. Instead of getting coupons or discounts for things you wouldn't buy, you get to spend those points on items you actually want.

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Find exclusive merch, products, and/or services offered by your favorite stores exclusively on the Loyal~n~Save Swag Shop! Browse the Swag Shop and redeem your points in-app for rewards you can’t get anywhere else! You can add swag to your wishlist, share it with friends, and they can even gift that item to you! Don't see anything you want? No problem, your points can also be redeemed as discounts in-store!

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Lots of points, lots of stores, only one reward program. Download the Loyal~n~Save app to add and chat with friends, create teams, compete to be on the leaderboard, and monitor your newsfeed. You can even keep track of your point earnings by store, view virtual receipts, redeem points for rewards on the Swag Shop, and so much more!

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