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Create a team and earn reward tokens every time you shop, and even when you don't!

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Creating a Team

Make Shopping a Team Sport by

Creating a Team

Once you sign up for Loyal~n~Save, invite your friends, family members, co-workers, fraternity brothers, or sorority sisters to sign up under your store’s team. Easily scan your referral code in-app, or invite them through social media, email, or text. Once they join your team, you both will earn a percentage of reward tokens from each other's purchases!

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Team Benefits


By creating teams, you can earn rewards quicker than with any other loyalty program! Every time your teammates shop, you'll also earn a percentage of reward tokens based on their total purchase amount at that store.

Power in numbers

There's power in numbers. There's no limit to how many teams you can create or how many people you refer. The more people that sign up under your team, the more bonus reward tokens you'll earn toward great rewards.

Bonus reward tokens

You'll get a percentage of bonus reward tokens based on what your team members spend EACH TIME they shop. And when your teammates refer friends of their own, you’ll earn from their purchases as well!

Passive income

It's like having a passive income. You'll receive a notification on your phone each time a team member makes a purchase that earns you reward tokens. Get rewarded just for sitting on your couch on your day off!

Team members

The more team members you have the faster you will earn reward tokens towards items in the swag shop and in-store discounts. Be sure to thank your friends and teammates for making shopping so rewarding!

The breakdown of

Team Tiers

Team Tiers
  • Top Member

    As the top member of your own team, you will earn a percentage of reward tokens whenever a team member below you makes a qualifying purchase.

  • Teammates

    Team members below you will earn reward tokens when you make a qualifying purchase as long as you are also added to their team. Each team can go all the way down to 5 tiers.

  • Friend's Team

    If you are on a friend's team, and they add more members to their team, you will earn a percentage of not only your friend's purchases but also THEIR friend's purchases.

  • Point Percentage

    Members of a team will earn a percentage of reward tokens based on where they land on the team tier. The first tier after the purchaser will get 50%, second will earn 25%, and so on.